Saturday, July 02, 2011

Stockton Public School 150 year celebrations

I spoke of Stockton in a 2008 post,  New England Story - Stockton Beach

This year the Stockton Public School turns 150.

The photo shows the school gathered for a 1951 visit by Lt General Sir John Northcott, the Governor of NSW.

The photo is one sign of the many changes the school has seen over its long life since it began as a national school in 1861 in the cottage of Mrs Emma Magnay with 30 pupils.  

I was struck by it because I remember a similar gathering of all the Armidale schools, or was it just the primary schools? We all gathered in the sun to celebrate his visit. Hard to imagine the same thing happening today.

The school community past and present will celebrate the birthday on 2 and 3 September. All past students or teachers are invited to attend and also to supply the school with memories of times past.

You can find full details including contact details here.

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