Sunday, July 03, 2011

NT joins New England with state anthem

In More on New England's Battle Song, I spoke of the New England anthem. The chorus goes:
We will raise the
Banner of New England
Work for New England
Fight for New England
We will raise the
Battle cry of freedom
Fight for our Liberty

When I mention these words to people outside New England I sometimes get puzzled looks. What do you mean feedom or liberty? Surely you have that now? Well, we don't, for lacking our own state, all the key decisions that affect New England are made elsewhere often in blind ignorance of local conditions. That is why so many of us still want New England self-government.

Now as part of its push for full statehood, the Northern Territory has launched its own anthem (here and here). I haven't been able to find a full version yet, but apparently one line goes " from the seas of Arafura, to the rocks of Kata Tjuta". The New England version is simply "from the Hunter to the Tweed."

Two anthems, one theme, a common objective. New England has now been seeking self-government for over 150 years. Agitation has risen and fallen. We don't have a territory government seeking the final step, but face a state or colonial government that has always resisted attempts to give any part of its territory the option of self-government.

I have not spoken so much recently about the continuing desire for New England or Northern statehood because of other personal pressures. Among other things, I have been trying to finish an overview of the story of our fight for self government from its colonial origins to the present day.

The desire for our own state continues to bubble along, if below the radar. With three new state movements in existence (New England, Northern Territory and North Queensland), the political climate is changing again. Watch for developments!


Greg said...

The theme of liberty is spot on. The government in Sydney is overwhelmingly made up from Sydney career politicians and bureaucrats with no understanding of northern issues. I suspect that they care even less.

Colonialism did not end with the federation of Australia. Colonialism is alive and well in the state of NSW. Wealth and resources are extracted from the outlying regions primarily for the benefit of the capital and to the detriment of the regions. There is no sense of commonwealth in NSW.

Bing on New England - the sooner the better!

Jim Belshaw said...

Well said, Greg!