Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kempsey worries about its flood levies

I have written two stories on floods in Kempsey, both connected with the 1949 disaster - Belshaw's World - Kempsey disaster – six killed, huge damage, Aeradio and the 1949 Kempsey Floods. Now I see from the Macleay Argus that Kempsey Mayor John Bowell is worried about the state of the levees protecting the town.

One on the features of New England rivers is their quick rise with heavy rainfall. Quiet streams can quickly go to rampaging torrents.

I do wonder whether or not we need new approaches to flood mitigation. It's not an area I am expert in. I do know that in the 1950s there was a coordinated approach to the topic centred on dams and levies. The approach now seems to have become much more reactive. In fact, we seem to be struggling to maintain the work previously done.

I am not saying that we should build more dams, although that may be sensible in some case. I am just wondering how we get a better approach. 


Greg said...

Maybe we need a levee levy like Qld?

Jim Belshaw said...

Nice aliteration, Greg! Maybe we do.