Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chris Walker-Bush on Armidale

I know that I'm biased about Armidale. It's not just that I grew up there. It's really a great place. 

Neil Whitfield, a fellow blogger, alerted me to Chris Walker-Bush's  Aussie on the Road blog. It's quite a fun blog, but that's not the point of this post. Chris did Theatre Studies at UNE. His The Country Charms of Armidale records his liking of the place.

From my experience, he underestimates both parties and adventure! But it's still a nice picture.


Chris said...

Hey, thanks for the mention :-) Having studied there and been a poor Uni student, I never really got a great chance to get out and do the more adventurous and touristy stuff.

Definitely keen to when I get back up that way to see the family though.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Chris. Look forward to you doing that and then reading about it.

Liked your piece on Newcastle, by the way - Would argue, however, that Newcastle has more to offer in things like music than you seem to allow!

Chris said...

My eighteen months living there (and countless summers growing up) probably don't give me the best insight into the music and theatrical scenes there.

I was more attacking the issue in terms of the appeals for backpackers. Too many of my friends just bypass Newcastle.

Glad you enjoyed the article though :-)

Jim Belshaw said...

Understood fully, Chris :-)!