Thursday, July 07, 2011

New England unis & the university games

Kate Frizell northern uni games The university games have been on. The photo shows UNE's Kate Frizell looking to drive in a women's hockey match.

When I first saw the University Games all those years ago (I never played) there was just one competition. Now there are conferences, with top teams going on to the national University Games.

New England universities were divided by geography, with UNE and SCU playing in the Northern University Games, Newcastle playing in the Eastern Games.

This year the Northern Games were held in Armidale, the Eastern Games in Canberra, with both cities shivering in a marked cold spell. These sporting events are good business for Armidale, with 910 registered competitors.

At a purely personal level, eldest was playing for UNSW in the mixed netball. Just back to Europe and then off to Canberra! 

In the Northern Games, UNE came second overall after Bond. Southern Cross was seventh. In the per capita competition based on student numbers, UNE came first, SCU fourth.

For some reason, the Eastern Games do not presently allow me to check where Newcastle came.  

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