Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wednesday Forum - what hash tags should we use to promote New England?

In a response to my post, Dobson's Brewery - new New England beers, Denis Wright tweeted " @JimBelshaw You're a corrupting influence, Belshaw.

Mmm! I like the idea!

This got me thinking. I have only just begun to use has tags on Twitter and am really just learning how. I have also been watching others use of the tags.

I spend a far bit of time promoting New England causes or reporting on New England stories. Here I really should use hash tags more, for we can can use them to promote New England causes and life style. But to really have impact, we need some common hash tags.

I say common hash tags because this adds to impact and creates threads that people can follow.

Any ideas on hash tags that might be used?

Locality names is one obvious possibility. However, here we may need a modifier where other places have similar names. For example, #newcastle is dominated by Newcastle in the UK, #newengland by the US. By contrast, #armidale is all armidale. So do we add oz at the end?

And what about life style or attractions?


Update One

Suggested list of initial tags based on suggestions and search:
  • For newcastle, #newcastle. Despite the number of newcastle UK tweets, #newcastle well established. Adding oz or Australia likely to fragment
  • For Hunter Valley, #huntervalley
  • For living history, #livinghistory
  • For adventure tourism, #adventuretourism
  • For Northern Rivers, #northernrivers


Le Loup said...

Interesting post & a good point. Looking forward to replies.
New England Australia.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi keith. What has tag might we use to promote your particular interests?

Le Loup said...

I often add "New England Australia", but much depends on the individual post. Terms such as: 17th century, 18th century,living history groups, historical trekking, camping, primitive skills,survival,self-sufficiency, self-reliance,historical interpretation,period living skills, are all connected to what we/I do.