Thursday, October 20, 2011

Armidale High Class of 61 reunion

Back In June I went to the Armidale Demonstration School 150th anniversary celebrations and had a wonderful time washed in the warmth of nostalgia. Just as well there was some warmth. It was bloody cold! Just for consolidation purposes I have listed the various posts I wrote on the celebrations at the end of this post.

While there, I attended a planning meeting for the reunion of the Armidale High School Leaving Certificate Class of 1961. While I went to TAS (The Armidale School) instead of High, I was in the same class at primary school as the High group and remained friends despite the different schools. Now through the wonders of the internet, many of us are again in contact.

Armidale Express editor Christian Knight has kindly sent me some photos of the reunion for circulation among the Armidale Connection group. I will do so, but thought that I would run one group shot here. Names follow the photo.  

 ahs reunion group

From left back in the photo" Rex Jones, Ann Woods (nee Heagney), Lawrie Placing, Pat Schofield (nee Hume), Paul Sommerville, Phil Emery, John Bain, Darryl Clarke, Ray Christie.

From left front in the photo: Val Bevege (nee Edmonds), Maggie Fathers (nee White), Helen Jones (nee Davidson), Laurel Clark, Narelle Woodland (nee Todd), John Parsons, Jock Roxborough, Susan Chapman (nee McSpedden) and Bruce Whan.

Dear some of the names took me back! I wondered if Maggie Fathers (nee White) was the same as Margaret White who was in my year at Armidale Dem. To this day I still carry the nickname Chalkie among some because of our primary school friendship!

Just a reminder on a point I have made before. If you are having a reunion, let me know and I will publicise it here.

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