Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Remembering the Tamworth Boys Home

The Tamworth Boys Home was opened in 1947. On 16 DecembeBoys line up at Endeavour House in Tamworth.r, the ABC's 7.30 report carried a story (video and transcript here) on the horrors of the place.

That same day, ABC news carried a further story with a little more detail. The photo is from that story. Back in 1999, Submission - Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care, outlined the experience of another inmate at the institution. You will find the archival records for the Home here.

It's just a small snippet of New England's history, but one that I thought that I should record.

I have the strong impression that the Second World War period saw a distinct harshening in aspects of Australian life. However, that's something that I will explore further on the New England history blog


melvin hughes said...

I was sent there twice,once for 6 months the second for 7 months absolutely horrific what I went through,absolutely ruined my life,I still suffer to this day.

Jim Belshaw said...

I'm really to sorry to hear that. Melvin.