Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dobson's Brewery - new New England beers


So  much happens in New England that it is hard for a mere mortal like me to keep up!

The latest development is the establishment of a new boutique brewery on the premises of Eastview Estate Wines at Kentucky on the Tablelands.

Dobson's Brewery has a simple promise. I quote:

Where possible all Beer produced by Dobson's is subject to the Bavarian Purity Laws of 1516 this limits the ingredients to just water, hops, yeast and grain. No preservatives are ever used, guaranteeing a clean, consistent product. The only exceptions are the asian style rice beers and seasonal ales which require fruit or spices. The water we use is harvested on site from the massive thunderheads which are a part of being at over a kilometre above sea level, our water is conditioned in three large stainless tanks, we use chalk and gypsum to recreate the water profiles of famous brewing waters such as those from the Trent river in England and the Pilsen region of the Czech Republic.

I have to say to this takes New England's German tradition to a new historic level. I look forward to trying the beer!


Mark said...

Sounds great look forward to trying it. Hope it is a success.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Mark and thanks. I really should do some research and find out all the NE breweries to allow us to localise our drinking!