Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Newcastle makes Lonely Planet top ten global cities, 2011

The news that Lonely Planet has ranked Newcastle number nine on its 2011 global list of best cities to visit has met with a mixed reaction in Sydney to the south. That city missed out again.

I really was pleased, although the gains will be affected by the NSW Government's response. The biggest risk is that it will simply build the decision into its Brand Sydney strategy, essentially promoting Newcastle as a place to visit from Sydney rather than an end destination in its own right..

If it does this, benefits to Newcastle will be reduced because more people will come on short trips, fewer to stay. Just as bad, it will further increase the fragmentation in tourism promotion further north, splitting Newcastle from its hinterland.   


M Sena said...

Dear friend,

I like so much new england culture. I have a drean to visit there. Bay the way how about the developing of islam religion at there? Is islam call violence religion ? If do you want to know about islam in true visit my blog : www.islam-waylife.blogspot.com.


Jim Belshaw said...

Hullo Tuan Sena.

As a proportion, the Muslim presence in New England is quite small,smaller than you would get in, say, Sydney, but growing. It is most noticeable in university centres such as Armidale or Newcastle because of the overseas students. Those of the Islamic faith come from many countries and many backgrounds.

I follow two New England blogs written by Muslim students - see especially http://boltingbear.wordpress.com/

Attitudes towards the Islamic faith vary as in other parts of Australia. Some non-Muslim Australians do see Islam as a violent religion. Most distinguish between the religion and the expression of that religion by extreme groups.

I have bookmarked your blog to read.