Friday, January 28, 2011

Calling the New England diaspora

I have been slow in posting, although I have a number of posts to go up. Just pressure.

In a comment on on Leaving on a jet plane, Andrew wrote:

Hi Jim,
Congratulations on a fantastic blog.
I'm a fourth generation New Englander; my direct family line having settled in the region in the 1850's particularly around the Tamworth and Armidale areas.
Much of my family and extended family are still in the region and although sadly I no longer call New England home I am however a frequent visitor to the area.
Keep up the good work, you've earned a regular reader here.

I write about our diaspora a lot. Just at present, I live in Sydney for family reasons. This drives me in part in trying to keep people in touch with their country. Andrew's comment therefore gave me great pleasure.

Not everybody from the diaspora thinks of themselves as a New Englander. I use the term because, to my mind, it best captures the area I am talking about. Others think of themselves as from the North, the Hunter or the Northern Rivers. I don't mind.

People's views vary. Andrew is a republican, I am a monarchist. Some support the continuation of NSW control, while I want self-government for New England. However, there is no censorship on this blog beyond things such as libel laws. I try to report fairly and never censor comments unless there is a very specific legal reason for so doing.

When the blog began, it had little traction. Slowly, this has changed. Now, I think, it is time to broaden.

If you live in New England, the Tablelands and all the surrounding river valleys, then this is your blog. It is even more your blog if you are a fellow member of the diaspora.

I can only write what I can write. I need your help.

You can contribute through comments or story ideas. More, you can become an actual contributor. You can do this by sending me stuff that can be published. But, if you have a regular stream of ideas, then you can become a member of the blog team. I can add you to the list so that you can write and publish direct.

You don't need to write a post every day or even every week, just when you have something to say. What you say will not be edited, nor are there any limitations as to topic or approach. If I disagree, I will do so in comments on the post to further discussion.

So, what about it? Is it time to broaden?        


Anonymous said...

That's a very good idea Jim and one that I certainly support.
I'll wrack my brains over the coming weeks or so to find a good story to publish.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Andrew. The stories that get the greatest response measured by immediate traffic deal with current issues. However, those that get the deepest response at a more personal level are often personal and parochial.

So let your mind roam free!