Friday, January 28, 2011

Keneally wins crap of the week award


In a post this morning on my personal blog, Flood levy's, public policy & the Australian spirit, I explored some of the issues associated with the Rudd Government's flood levy.

Essentially, I wasn't opposed but thought that it had been badly presented. Then, in Keneally wants changes to flood levy I read this:

  NSW Premier Kristina Keneally wants changes to the national flood levy, saying it should take into account the high cost of living in Sydney.

I am sorry, Kristina, but costs are high in Sydney because it is a big city and because people want to live there. Why should others subsidise this? Even more specifically, if you want to get costs down in Western Sydney, change your development rules.

I actually like Kristina. She wouldn't remember me unless I gave her the context, but I have watched her and think that she is both nice and capable. She has just inherited a mess.

On this point, and since I have just put the boot in, I note that Granny Herald seems to like photos of her where the stress shows. Surely this must be a coincidence ?!

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