Saturday, February 27, 2010

Round the New England blogging traps 13 - pastoral

Gaye had a very good post, The Pilliga after rain. The regeneration of our western country after rain is always a miracle. As I sometimes gardener, I also enjoyed My garden.

grass after rain near tamworth Leanne's World in Big Weekend carries a story of a family visit to Sydney. Back at the start of the year, she also carried a story about the regeneration of country near Tamworth after rain.

Look at the photo. That's some grass re-growth!

A Hunter Valley blog, Sharyn Munro's The woman on the mountain has recently had some absolutely  great wild life photos. I loved the shots of the wallabies.

A different type of pastoral theme can be found in 18th Century Historical Trekking,1680-1760 (Australia). This blog is a treasure trove of arcane information. One post that struck a chord with me was Primitive Camping, what I think it is and is not. I must write a full post on this one. We are so manicured and controlled today that we have forgotten what it was like to do things simply. At least that's my prejudice!

All for now.

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