Sunday, February 07, 2010

Maitland Floods 1955

My Wollombi Valley Twitter Feed drew my attention to the February issue of the Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority's newsletter. There I read: 

Thursday 25 February 2010 marks the 55th anniversary of the 1955 Maitland flood, which devastated the city of Maitland and claimed 13 lives. The CMA and the State Emergency Service (SES) will be presenting an exhibition of historic photos, which will be on display at Stockland Green Hills from 18-20 February to commemorate the '55 flood and remember the lessons of the past. Following this there will be a special flood tour of the Maitland Court House Precinct guided by local historian and flood survivor Peter Bogan.

These were some big floods. As kids, brother David and went though by train from Armidale as soon as the line was open. There was water everywhere.

I mention all this because Hunter people may not know that Screen Australia has three home movies on-line that show the floods. They are very scratchy, but do give a feel for the sheer power of the water. You will find them here.  

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Sharon said...

I’m doing research about the effects of global warming which includes destructive floods and climate changes, when I came across your blog. Seeing the aftermath of the Maitland Floods is indeed devastating. I personally believe that floods are somehow made by men. And we need to take responsibilities for our wrong doings. On the other hand, I'm glad that many are advocating earth preservation methods like waste management programs and stormwater solutions. Moreover, proper dissemination of information regarding global warming and strict compliance with waste disposal and storm water management can definitely be of help.

Thank you so much, Jim for sharing this post. It will definitely help me with my research.