Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Local council rate cap reduced to 2.6%

This may be an unpopular thing to say, but the decision by Sydney reduce the cap on increases in local council rates to 2.6% in light with changes in the consumer price index makes very little sense.

Councils are elected bodies that are meant to manage things in the interests of local residents. Putting an artificial cap on spending doesn't make a great deal of sense in the first place, linking it to a measure that has little to do with shifts in councils' real costs makes less sense.

Councils have been complaining for some time that the artificial and arbitrary rule has led to a run down in local infrastructure. There appears to be at least some truth in this.

As early as 1926 those supporting self government in New England were using the case of local government to support their contention that provincial councils would not work as an alternative to new states. They said then, and it has been true since, that Sydney always wanted total control and would interfere whenever it suited them.

The cap is really one of those arbitrary things so beloved by Sydney.


Le Loup said...

The rates are one thing, but what bugs me is having to pay a fee to the Pastures Protection Board!!!
Just exactly what do they do for us? They want to know how much stock we have, what does that matter? If I have one cow or ten what does it matter, what diference does it make? I don't have any stock but I still have to pay them!!!
Do they keep our neighbour's paddocks free of thistles? No, it is apparently not even their job! We have to clear our own thistles from the seed that spreads from neighbouring properties eack year!
Any problems we have with ferral animals we deal with ourselves, so has anyone any idea just exactly what we are paying the PP board for?
Le Loup.

Jim Belshaw said...

You know, LL, I feel very out of touch here. I simply don't know enough about what PPB's actually do now to make a sensible comment! I must look it up.