Saturday, October 04, 2008

Overseas Week, University of New England, 1960

This photo by J Fitzpatrick from Australian Archives shows Randolph Aubur, from what was then Malaya, helping Australian student, Laurence Keaton tie up an 'Overseas Week' notice in the grounds at the University of New England in 1960.

Randolph is wearing one of the green student gowns that were then compulsory at UNE.

It is often forgotten, and this inlcudes current UNE people, that UNE was at the cutting edge of the emerging Australian involvement with Asia.

Randolph was enrolled in the recently established Faculty of Agricultural Economics, then the only such faculty at an Australian university.

I tried a google search on both students, but could not find them. I wonder if anyone remembers?


ljkeaton said...

Laurie Keaton writes Randy Aubur was a friend and colleague in Alpha Wright College. We lost contact after Uni and I assume he is in Malaysia somewhere. In retirement at Mt Kuring-Gai these days. Reach at

Jim Belshaw said...

Laurie, thanks so much for responding. Will respond with a direct email.

ljkeaton said...

I should have added comment on the work of the UNE OSA and Randy for local aborigiones at a time they were living at the tip in Armidale.
Together with academics like Russell Ward valuable humanitarian work was performed.
The "rationalist pope" (my name for Randy) was a great person. Gabrielle Schmidt also knew him well.