Friday, October 03, 2008

Australia's latest population statistics - introduction

Back in August 2007 in Sydney's Sluggish Population Growth , I queried the basis of the Sydney Government's planningassumptions. I said in part that the plans projected a annual population growth along the NSW coastal strip over the next twenty five years of 68,000, of whom 48,000 would be in Sydney. Based on current demographics, I simply could not see where the people were to come from.

With the Sydney economy at a standstill, the local dailies have been running a steady series of articles attacking the State Government's performance. With new population data out, these include attacks (here for example) on the failure of the Government to properly plan for Sydney's population growth.

There is an obvious tension between my earlier conclusions and the latest newspaper attacks. For that reason, I thought that it might be interesting to look at the latest population data. Was I wrong in my earlier analysis? Have there been changes that invalidate my conclusions?

In later posts, I will provide an overview of the latest population statistics, then look at the implications for my earlier analysis.

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