Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calling residents of UNE's S H Smith House, Drummond College, Drummond & Smith College

Photo: Drummond & Smith College Students, University of New England 2007

Browsing round, I found the Facebook page for Drummond & Smith College.

Drummond & Smith College is the amalgam of two very different institutions.

S H Smith House was the women's residence for the Armidale Teachers College. The College became the Armidale College of Advanced Education and was then merged with UNE. Follwoing this, Smith House became co-educational.

Drummond College was a UNE college, the merged with S H Smith House. There is a logical connection between the two. D H Drummond was Minister for Education in NSW, S H Smith the head of his Department when he first became Minister.

Anybody care to share stories of their time at the two places. Or, for that matter, their experience in taking out Smith House girls? I have some very fond memories here!

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