Monday, November 27, 2006

Don Dorrigo Show

Photo: Gordon Smith, Pavilion, 2006 Dorrigo Show

Having just updated the rolling list of New England's festivals, shows and events, Gordon's photo of the pavilion at the Dorrigo show caught my eye.

Don Dorrigo, usually shortened to Dorrigo, lies at the edge of the New England escarpment in some of New England's most beautiful country.

When we were children driving from Armidale to stay at Urunga or Sawtell we always stopped at the same cafe in Dorrigo for lunch.

Many years later when I was running for Country Party preselection for Armidale, I spent many days staying near Dorrigo, driving round all the little backroads, going to meetings in little halls, calling in at farms, always being surprised at the visual cameos that appeared around each corner.

Dorrigo remains one of my favourite New England places.


Anonymous said...

As part of my search for our family tree, I came upon this website. If any reader has any information that could help me, please reply to:

To date I have trcked back to my greatgrandfather, born in England in 1832.
... Alan Sawtell

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Alan

I will bring your request up as a main post.


Jim Belshaw