Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Gordon Smith's Nymboida River

I accept that posting on this blog has become sadly irregular. Getting back into the mode, I realised that it had been some time since I ran one of Gordon Smith's photos.

The Nymboida River rises in the the northern foothills of New England's Barren Mountain (1,370 m, 4,495 ft) and then descends 1,250 metres (4,100 ft) over its 165 kilometres (103 mile course). It seems so peaceful in Gordon's photo taken at Nymboida , but parts of this river are a major white river rafting venue. This photo is taken at the little village of Nymboida in the Clarence Valley about  40k south west from Grafton.     Gordon Smith nymboida-river


Pearl Maple said...

fabulous photo, this part of Australia is a most beautiful place for photographs

Jim Belshaw said...

It sure is, PM. Liked your blog, by the way. Will come back.