Monday, November 07, 2011

Northern Tablelands - UNE archaeologist up a tree!

This post is a simple follow up to Clarence Valley - UNE archaeologists at rest!, just another photo of past UNE digs and survey missions. I am not sure why I wanted to climb that tree! Brief comments follow the photo.Belshaw dig

In 1920 the first New State manifesto, Australia Subdivided, complained: In Northern New South Wales, a few high schools, no technical schools, no universities exist to retain the intelligence and culture of the area.

The manifesto was dead right. One outcome of the subsequent campaigns was the establishment of the University of New England.

Now that I have a few photos I am going to bring up a piece on the New England History blog  looking at aspects of the role played by the University of New England in documenting the history of New England with a special focus on Aboriginal New England.  It's a good story. and one that shows the University delivering on the hopes of those who published that first manifesto.


Rod said...

Hi Jim,

Love the photos. I liked the one sleeping in the wheel barrow in a previous post. I guess when you are young a tree is there to climb!

I have looked into Aboriginal distribution influenced by sea level as apparent from the quaternary geological record. After seeing some correspondence from the person undertaking regional geological mapping in the New England I realise that this is out of my league. I have however discussed this with a (excellent) final year undergrad student at UNE and have indicated that he or his supervisor (Bob Haworth) should contact you since there is much relevance in their research to yours including interesting recent geological controls.


Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Rod. Appreciated. Jim