Saturday, November 05, 2011

Clarence Valley - UNE archaeologists at rest!

I have been sorting, a distracting task!

I was thinking of Mark when I found this photo of one of the Seelands digs. I am on the left. Comments follow the photo.Seelands 65 or 66

The Seelands Rock Shelter is an important Clarence Valley archeological site excavated by UNE teams under the leadership of Isabel McBryde.  At the time this photo was taken, I wanted to be an archeologist specialising in Australian prehistory. Other things intervened and I became a professional economist. Yet, years later, I have returned in some ways to my original dream through my historical research.

We are  clearly at rest. It was a very hot day. By the end I had a splitting migraine head ache, so I remember the day very clearly.   


Anonymous said...

1:40 found this site
1:41 bookmarked this site

Long live New England! Ever heard "Chester" by William Billings?

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi anon and thanks. No I had not, and I see your point. Post coming up!

Anonymous said...

According to the Australian Bureau Statistics during 2003-04, there:
was an estimated average income per wage and salary earner of $31,416 in Coffs Harbour, which is 24% below the NSW average and 19% below the national average.

At the same time the seventh annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey has listed Coffs Harbour as the world’s fifth least affordable city in which to buy a house.

Coffs Harbour has a labour force of 31,805 people, 2189 of them out of work, giving the city 29,616 working residents out of a population of 70,000 people

Anonymous said...

Coffs Harbour PD is riddled with asbestos

Anonymous said...

Chronic shortage of police across NSW. Guess where is worst hit?

Coffs Harbour
Port Macquarie

proof of New South Wales utter contempt for New England

Anonymous said...

looks like the power to decide these matters is going to be moved from Sydney to Canberra. I am both relieved and scared, all at once.

Too bad we weren't given option c] let the people of New England decide for themselves what they want to happen in their own backyards

Red Nomad OZ said...

Wow! What a dramatic change in career direction!! Love the NE area and after a 'teaser' trip passing through in April 2011, hope to explore more of it soon!!

Have a wonderful day!

J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi anon. Sorry for the slow response.

Your stats on Coffs were fascinating. I knew that Lynne was the poorest Federal electorate, but hadn't focused on the detail further north. Our difficulty is that since we (New England) don't formally exist, we just get ignored, fragmented.

Thanks Red Nomad and also Julie. RN, you must come back for a proper trip. Let me help you plan it!