Thursday, May 12, 2011

Please hire Lou the Movie DVD

Lou Back at the end of May last year in 4th Dungog Film Festival - New England films I spoke of Lou the Movie.

Despite good reviews, the film gained only limited release. It's really very hard for an independent to break through the distribution barriers.

A movie likes this requires time for viral marketing to bring audience, and with limited distribution its simply not given time. Just a reminder as to what the film is about. The Dungog Festival Program described it in this way:    

Eleven-year-old Lou's life was instantly turned upside down when her father walked out on her mother and two sisters. She has coped by building a tough shell around her heart - afraid to let anyone hurt her again. Lou blames her mother for her father's departure and refuses to let her in. Life suddenly changes when her estranged Grandfather moves in to the family's rented home. Doyle is ill and befuddled and in his confused state, Doyle mistakes his granddaughter for his long departed wife. Lou, intrigued, plays along with the fantasy, using her bond with Doyle against her mother. As the game progresses, Lou's tough exterior is chipped away and ultimately she understands what it is to be loved - in the most unexpected of circumstances. Shot around the North Coast of NSW and inspired by Chayko's own family, Lou is not to be missed.

Since its limited release, the film has slowly been gathering awards. These include most recently two prizes at the Creteil Women's Film Festival. The Prix Graine de Cinephage for best feature chosen by the young jury, and the Prix du Public, the audience award for best feature.

Lou has now travelled to France, where it will screen in Cannes Cinephiles (a series of public screenings alongside the main competition of Cannes). There it will also be competing in the Ecrans Juniors - to be judged by a jury of young cinema-lovers.

I understand that the movie will be in Australia's Blockbuster video stores from tomorrow. The Blockbuster promo is here. May I encourage you to hire it and then promote it if you like it?

I really think that you will like it, and we do need to promote our own product.

The Lou Facebook site is here, the movie web site here.


Rochelle said...

It might be a nice movie, but the film genre they chose is not popular in the first place, the average film using this genre which has high takings is usually because of the big name actor used, why does the Australian film industry generally waste their time making films like this and wonder why they cannot make any returns, making films to impress the lifeless critics or themselves won't get them anywhere in real life.
I hope it sells and I would not wish failure on anyone, and I hope to watch it in the near future.

Jason Mc

Jim Belshaw said...

Jason, I'm not sure of the links between you and Rochelle and the link back to Rochelle's blog. That said, you have raised a substantive issue so I will give a substantive response.

This film is, in a sense, a local film made by someone from the area. It simply tells a story in a well done way. While it appealed to some of the critics, the awards it won were mainly people's choice awards. So I'm not sure that it is a genre problem as such.

Maryanne Campbell said...

Hi jim,

Fantastic that you have made a movie that tells a real story and not some stupid formula that is just about pleasing the masses. I respect immensely people who still do independent films to tell important stories. it seems incredibly hard to do. The fact that people criticise the movie as a waste of time says more about how much they don't know and how conditioned they are, rather than being a legitimate substantial criticism that understands what you are doing and why you are doing it. Viva la Life!!! Well done!!! Hope it goes viral !!!! Maryanne Campbell

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Maryanne. I didn't make the movie. That honour belongs to Belinda Chayko!. You can find out more at the official site - I would love to see it go viral!