Monday, May 09, 2011

New England Aboriginal life - Bundjalung by Aramis

Note to readers: This is the sixth in a continuing series introducing readers to past and present Aboriginal life in New England. Those who are interested can find a full list of posts by either clicking New England Aboriginal life or, if you want, to read in date order from one up, click on Introducing New England Aboriginal life.

New England's Aboriginal peoples love all sorts of music, although country and rap are especially deadly. Deadly means cool, great.

Aboriginal sounds and music have a great influence on the broader Australian ear. The sound of the didgerdoo are instantly recognisable to any Australian. This piece by Aramis is simply called Bundjalung.

The Bundjalung are the New England Aboriginal language group whose territory extended from the northern banks of the Clarence River into what is now called Southern Queensland. While many of the Bundjalung dialects collapsed through the process of language destruction that I described in New England Aboriginal life - process of language destruction, Bundjalung is still spoken today.

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