Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New England Aboriginal life - Collarenebri rap

Rob Baiton is a blogger I first met through though Neil Whitfield. He was then in Indonesia, but returned to Australia and retrained as a teacher. He has been teaching in Collarenebri, a town with a population of 478 people in New England's west.

The video that follows, Talk Of The Town -- The Colli Crew..., is a rather good school rap video. I am running the video as part of my New England Aboriginal life series, but thought that I should give you some context first.

Both country and rap are popular among among New England's Aboriginal young. Country because so many are country, rap because rap is generally popular among Australia's young, but is also popular among the Aboriginal young because of the connection with US experience. I mention this because US viewers will see the video in US terms,

For most Australians, the Aborigines are an abstract term. In many New England towns, the Aborigines are a very large minority group, even the majority. So life in those towns depends on merging Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in a way that reflects and respects both sides.

The Kamilaroi or Gamillaraay Aboriginal Language group occupy the New England's western slopes and plains.

Enjoy the video!      

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ricky pascoe said...

It is yugembul language ngarabal tribe who wrote this pack of lies.
I am ngarabal u speak about the beard plains and the Severn river u speak about my tribe. Who were also massacred at deep-water and Bolivia ours creek. My ancestors born and some massacred we are the windier blacks.