Tuesday, April 26, 2011

German internees, Evocities, skills & Academy Games

A few notes.

Back a long time ago, 19 September 2006 to be precise, Trial Bay and German Internees, looked at a little known story in New England history, the internment of German civilians at Trial Bay goal during the First World war. The story was drawn from an on-line exhibition at the NSW Migration Heritage Centre. 

The photographs used in the exhibition came from the Paul Dubotzki Collection. Monday's ABC 7.30 report  carried a short report on the discovery of the collection. The story was triggered by the publication of a new book by historian Gerhardt Fischer and Nadine Helmi about the Dubotzki collection. I have yet to find publication details.

On 23 April, the Sydney Morning Herald carried a short piece by Stephen Nicholls and Susan Wellings on the Evocities program. This is a combined campaign by seven NSW inland cities - Albury, Wagga Wagga, Dubblo,  Bathurst, Orange, Tamworth and Armidale - to attract new settlers. According to the article, almost 200 hundred families have so far been attracted:

  • Dubbo 56
  • Bathurst 42
  • Orange 32
  • Armidale 22
  • Wagga 20
  • Albury 12
  • Tamworth 10

Another story from Janene Carey, 500 hear Garnaut’s take, as Ross Garnaut talks to a packed audience in UNE's Lazenby Hall.

The Sydney Morning Herald worries about (and here) the impact of the mining boom on skills shortages in NSW (aka Sydney from the examples). 

The third and last Academy games have been held in Armidale. Last because the venue now moves to another centre. The games are quite big time - 850 athletes supported by  140 officials. I want to write something linked to this.

All for now.

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