Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still packing

While I'm still packing, I thought that I would share another photo with you, this one from Mark's Clarence Valley photo blog. The caption reads:

One of the Valley's more obscure murals can be found on the side of a decaying barn at the Brushgrove/Tyndale Sports ground. Ye old Brushgrove

For those who have no idea where Brushgrove is, it is situated at the southern end of Woodford Island in the Clarence. Woodford Island covers 37 square kilometres, is claimed to be the largest inland island in the southern hemisphere, and the largest inland island in the world with its own mountain range!

The mural captures the Clarence quite well.


Le Loup said...

Good post.
So, how much are you throwing out, & how much are you taking with you?!
Amazing how stuff regenerates. The larger the house, the more it grows to fill the spaces!
Regards, Keith.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Keith. I threw out one complete confidential large wheelie bin of papers, some reluctantly plus some books and closthes. But you are right. My wife has been very busy & travelling, she is away while we move, so she wasn't able to sorty