Sunday, March 14, 2010

Story of the Hotel Dorrigo

In November, I talked in one of my Express columns, Newcastle, Niagara and the Greeks in Australia, about the Greek influence in New England. This lead John Hamel to send me material on Greek cafes in Armidale that I then used in another column, Belshaw's World - Armidale’s Greek community. Paul Barratt followed up with a related post, Kytherans in Armidale.

Now one of Gordon Smith's photos has provided another link in the chain.   Hotel Dorrigo 1927

Gordon Smith has had his camera out in Dorrigo. One post, Dorrigo: Hotel Dorrigo provides a photo of the Hotel Dorrigo today.

I remember this hotel well because it is a pretty imposing building that we used to drive past all the time on our way to or from the coast. Gordon wondered whether there was an earlier photo of the hotel for comparative purposes. In a comment, Kazza kindly provided a link.

The photo shows the Hotel Dorrigo in 1927, two years after its construction by Michael Feros. This was a seriously big hotel for such a small town, and was hailed at the time it opened as the most modern hotel between Sydney and Brisbane.

The Hotel's web site has a remarkably interesting history of the hotel, providing a snap shot into a past world. It includes a short bio of Mr Ferris himself.

There are just so many sub-texts in the Hotel's story that it is worth several posts. For the moment, I just wanted to make the hotel's story available.


Le Loup said...

Sorry totally off topic. I was thinking that "The Hotel Dorrigo" sounds like it could be a movie that Humphrey Bogart would be in, then that remided me that my sister used to go out with Humphrey's less famous brother Dirk. Funny how totally unrelated things can spark old memories.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hotel Dorrigo does indeed sound like a movie, LL! I don't think Humphrey and Dirk are related, by the way. Different countries and name spellings.

Le Loup said...

In which case Jim I hope my sister does not read your post!!!

Jim Belshaw said...

Ouch. Probably too true!

aliah said...


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