Monday, March 29, 2010

Moree train photo puzzle


Can you date this photo of Moree Railway Station carried by Archives Outside? Andrew did a pretty good job when he wrote in a comment:  

The car in the foreground has the licence plate 1775. The photo is between 1910, when the first NSW licence plates were issued, and 1912 when the Govt. started to issue them with NSW on the plate.

Moree Railway Station Archives Outdoors

The photo may in fact be a little bit older than 1912 depending upon then Government attitudes to the retention of older plates.

I was wondering if anybody could add anything more? For example, there appear to be two trains. From the photo, from which directions were the trains running? Or is it just one train passing through, with the other having arrived earlier.

The thing that puzzles me is that the train on the left has clearly unloaded (note the whicker-ware baskets), while the one on the right is getting ready to go. Yet my memory is that goods vans were in the back, which suggests that both trains came in from the same direction. Was one the train to Moree from Sydney, the second the through train to Inverell?  

What else can you see in the photo that I have missed?

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