Friday, November 06, 2009

Gordon Smith's camp oven

Gordib Smith-top-creek--camp-oven

Gordon Smith from lookANDsee took this photo of an old camp oven while exploring the Top Creek area in the headwaters of the Macleay River.

We often forget that a fire was the main form of cooking heat over much of the long history of human occupation on this continent.

The camp oven was really valued by the European settlers in New England because it allowed a wide range of cooking from bread to stews to roasts.

Camp ovens are still made.     


Kanani said...

Well, I don't suppose there was a dishwasher to put THAT in!

Jim Belshaw said...

Too true, but you raise a point that I had been wondering about. If you are using a single camp oven out in the bush, at what point does your bread taste like a roast?