Sunday, November 08, 2009

Armidale mum and writer's million dollar book deal

Sometimes there is a story that just makes one feel happy. This is one. I won't steal Sydney Morning Herald's Janene Carey's story. But do read it. You will find it here.

You know, for a city of 22,000 people, Armidale has a quite remarkable number of writers.

After posting, I received an email from Christian, the Editor of the Armidale Express. I quote:

Saw your blog re the million dollar mum. You will be pleased to know that the dear old Express actually beat the Herald to that yarn. Janene works for me and I sent the story to the SMH after we had run with it.

Janene has also left a comment on this post. All this adds icing to an already magnificent cake. Congratulations Janene!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
It's a happy story for me too - Armidale journalist gets on the front page of the Herald!

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Janene

Congratulations. I have put Christian's email to me into the text of the post.

It really was a very well done story.