Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Round the New England blogging traps - 8 a professional, media and political focus

Round the New England blogging traps - 7 Hunter Valley focus was as the name says.This time I decided to move from geographic to a somewhat broader focus.

When the University of New England started its senior management blog I thought that this was a very good idea. I still think that it was, but I don't think that it's really gelling down as a blog. Four posts in May, one in June, one so far in July is simply not enough to attract any meaningful traffic. I do find the material interesting for its occasional insights, but would like to see more.

Unlike the senior management blog, Klaus Rohde has been maintaining his UNE blog with regular posts, sometimes in German. There is some quite serious stuff on Klaus's blog, including his use of knols. I had only seen references to knols, or units of knowledge. I am still not sure how well they work as a new approach. I would be interested in comments.

Like me, the Armidale Regional Aboriginal Centre and Keeping Place has been experimenting with Twitter. I suspect that someone like the keeping Place can use Twitter effectively, but I also think that Twitter only works if you have a clear vision as to how you want to use it. I do not. That is why I have been experimenting. My feeling remains that Twitter is not for me.

It might be different if I was writing full time because I would then have more to say and more time to say it

Still on social networking, I see that there is an Armidale page on Facebook. I haven't checked to see what other places might have equivalent pages.

If the UNE senior management blog suffers from irregular posting, the same cannot be said for North Coast Voices. Hard to believe that NCV will be coming up on its second birthday a little later in the year. Its team has settled down into a regular mix of posts generally from a left of centre perspective, mixed in with local news.

In Jock's Blog, Jock Laurie as president of the NSW Farmers' Association continues to post regularly on rural issues. Down in Newcastle, Michael Osborne as Greens councillor on NSW City Council has posted regularly over June.

I have just looked at the time. I will continue this post a little later. 

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