Saturday, July 04, 2009

The New England Diaspora

I think it helpful in considering New England to remember that for every person presently living in New England there are at least three, perhaps as many as as ten, people living outside New England with some connection to the place. Living as I now do in Sydney, I belong to this group.

Those who now live outside New England do not lose contact with the place simply because they are gone. Their memories may change, may become attenuated, but they still remember.

I suppose I am in a special case because my personal links are still so intense. But even here I am not alone.

Not everybody uses the name New England. I do so because it has particular historical links. Some just talk about Northern NSW. Yet I find it interesting that if I meet someone from Newcastle and say that I come from Armidale they automatically see a link.

I am constantly reminded of this through my daily contacts. I wonder sometimes if there is any way of capturing this migrant loyalty in support of New England as it now stands.

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