Sunday, January 25, 2009

Round the New England Blogging Traps - 2

It has been quite a while since I did a New England blogging round up. Far too long in fact.

Tim Christie from Newcastle seems to have been on blogging leave. However, a little while ago he had a rather nice story of a tour of South Australia. This photo of a SA vineyard is an example of the great photos illustrating the story.  2662059261_cee1591bef

Still in Newcastle, there was a great post on Mulubinba Moments. Updates from this part of the world is simply a report of domestic life and travels, but a very good one.

Michael J Bayly's The Wild Reed is a US based blog written from a Roman Catholic Gunnedah09_006perspective with a special focus on gay issues. I have included it as New England blog because Michael is from Gunnedah.

In this context, a return visit to Gunnedah triggered My "Bone Country", an extremely good nostalgic look at Gunnedah past and present. The post begins with a quote from Rosanne Cash's Western Wall.   

Red dust settles deep in my skin.
I don’t where it starts or where I begin.

Gaye has decided to put her nature blog Hunter Valley Backyard Nature largely on hold for the present. However, she is maintaining her personal blog journal, Snippets and sentiments. This has some very good posts set against a Hunter Valley background.

Rugby League fans should not miss Kurt Gidley's blog simply entitled Kurt Gidley.  Kurt has just been on an overseas trip, lucky bloke, that he obviously enjoyed.

On 18th Century Historical Trekking,1700-1760 (Australia), Keith Burgess has entered a video phase. This is the place for you if you want to know how to make 18th century chocolate or, alternatively, shoot with a muzzle loading musket!

If historical re-enactments do not appeal, try soaring with Jenny's Blog. I see from one post that there were 22 glider launches on one day. Not bad.

I have barely scratched the surface. In future, I will try to do these blogging round-ups on a weekly basis.  

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