Monday, January 05, 2009


I will finish the 2008 review that I began with New England Australia - 2008 in review: January - April. However, in the meantime I have been sidetracked by gardening.

In a post on another blog written over two years ago, Australian Regional Food - Looking Back 2: The Home Garden, I spoke of the joy of home gardens. This drew from my own childhood.

Today we are breeding a generation of kids to whom the joys of home gardening are very remote. They do not know. The joy is crowded out by other things, by the very absence of dirt in which to plant.

I learned to garden from my father. Even though I am a gardener, my now Sydney metro kids have neither the time nor interest. I find that sad.

Country people know the smell that comes with rain as it sweeps in across the dry ground. City people do not.

I find that sad.

Things change and I must accept that. I do not have to like it.

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