Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas to all New Englanders wherever you may be

I just wanted to wish a happy and safe Christmas to all New Englanders wherever you may be.

With the progressive death of my own New England family, I no longer join the return home by plane, train or car that used to mark my past.

In recent years we have generally gone to South West Rocks for a break just before Christmas. This year for work reasons we have had to stay in Sydney. So I will miss all forms of the New England Christmas connection.

So far this year I have written 138 posts on this blog. Today my first column came out in the Armidale Express, something that will repeat weekly from now on. The column will not be on-line immediately.

The blog allows me to communicate with all those interested in New England, wherever they may be. The column in its present form communicates with one slice of the New England local audience.

I look forward to telling the broad New England story to more people. In the meantime, let's enjoy Christmas and use the break to recharge.

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