Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why I remain a New England Stater 12 - frustrations with New England tourism

Note to readers: This post is one in a series using personal examples to illustrate why I continue to support both agitation for New England self-government and self-government itself. Agitation, because its very existence forces forces the Sydney Government to consider New England interests. Self-government, because there are some things that we cannot achieve without this.

I am sitting at my computer getting crankier and crankier. Part of this is due to frustration because it is towards the end of the month, we are over our download limit, so the internet is incredibly slow. Part is due to the paucity of information.

I wanted to write a story on white water rafting in New England. Here I knew that there were at least two sites on the Gwydir and Nymboida rivers. But I also wanted to check for others.

It is now 6:10 pm. I have been sitting at the computer since 5:00 pm. I have not been able to get the information I want.

A tick to Liquid Assets Adventure Company who operate out of Coffs Habour for providing some information. A cross to everyone else including Tourism NSW. Yes, if your dig round on the Tourism NSW site you will get a little. But it is totally inadequate.

Look, we cannot rely on the Sydney lot to promote New England tourism in any effective way. They cannot even make a go of Brand Sydney - see "Brand Sydney" relaunched - again!.

If we had our own Government we might be able to rely on it. We don't.

If we are to get anywhere we have to cooperate through cross-promotion. If Grafton does not have a local company promoting white water rafting, then it should list the Coffs company, not leave the link blank on its web site.

As part of this, we have to ensure that each locality makes full information available about attractions and experiences not just in its own area, but in the immediately adjacent region.

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