Saturday, July 01, 2006

Photographic Frustrations

It is almost a fortnight since my last post. I have not been completely idle. I have been frustrated.

I decided that I should start adding photos to the site. A photo really does tell a thousand words in bringing dry text alive. So I started trawling the web looking for public domain shipping photos in the first instance. I could not find any.

It is astonishing that regional centres in New England - Grafton is an example - that have a rich history do not provide photos in support. What does it matter if the photos are copied? Every attributed copied photo spreads the story. But I don't think that the real problem lies in worries about copyright. I think it's just that they have not thought about it.

If anyone out there can help me find photos, please help.

More positively, I have used some of the background material I have been collecting on the wool industry to start a new section, "On the Wool Track" on the Regional Living Australia site - see

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