Saturday, July 22, 2006

Country Party - annotated bibliography

As foreshadowed in my post of Friday 14 July 06 (The past is always present: the Country Party continued), this post provides some references on the Country Party for those interested in reading further.

I recognise that accessing some of the references may not be easy. Fashions change, and many are now long out of print.
  • Aitkin, D A, The Colonel: A Political Biography of Sir Michael Bruxner, Australian National University Press, Canberra 1969. Bruxner was one of the founders of the NSW Country Party and its leader for many years. A good read.
  • Aitkin, D A, The Country Party in New South Wales. A study of organisation and survival, Australian National University Press, Canberra 1972. An interesting book for all those interested in the study of politics.
  • Bayley, W A, History of the Farmers and Settlers Association of NSW, Farmers and Settlers Association, Sydney 1957. Bit of a pot boiler, but provides some insight into one of the founder organisations of the NSW Country Party.
  • Belshaw, J D, David Henry Drummond 1890-1930: The formative years, Armidale and District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings, No 22, March 1979, pp19-42. Drummond was one of the founders of the NSW Country Party.
  • Belshaw, J D, Journalist, Political Agitator and Theorist, Public Servant and Historian - and obituary of Ulrich Ellis, Armidale and District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings, No 25, March 1982, 99147-160. Ellis was a fascinating man who devoted much of his career to the Country Party and New State Movement.
  • Davey, Paul, The Progressive, Country and National Party in NSW 1919 to 2006, Federation Press, Sydney 2006. I have yet to read Paul's book.
  • Ellis, U R, The Country Party: A Political and Social History of the Party in New South Wales, F W Cheshire, Melbourne, 1958. This and the following reference on the Australian Country Party are written from the perspective of the involved insider.
  • Ellis, U R, A History of the Australian Country Party, Melbourne University Press, Parkville, 1963.
  • Graham B D, The Formation of the Australian Country Parties, Australian National University Press, Canberra, 1966. An interesting book because it draws out clearly the diferences between the various state parties and the reasons for those differences.
  • Harman, G S, Graziers in Politics: The Pressure Group Behavious of the Graziers' Association of New South Wales, PhD thesis, Australian National University, 1968. A study of the second major founder (and funder) of the Country Party in NSW.
  • Page, E, Truant Surgeon, Angus and Robertson, Sydney 1963. Biography of one of the Party's founders.

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