Friday, May 25, 2012

New England fashion - Frasers of Arran

I am tired of apologising for my slow posting here. My problem lies in changes in my own household that mean we have been in a permanent move phase for months! I have found it very hard to concentrate. We are almost at the end of it. 

A post on my personal blog, Refashioning Dad revisited, returned to an earlier campaign to change my fashion image. This got me thinking about New England fashion.

This shot is from Frasers of Arran.

After I left Armidale for Sydney, I kept buying most of  my clothes in Armidale. Why? I could still buy good wool and country gear that simply wasn't available in Sydney.

There is an irony in this, however. I had to stop buying in Armidale because the local stores stopped stocking the things I loved. Yet, at the same time, the styles came back into fashion in Sydney! So I ended buying my Tablelands' gear in Sydney!

Throughout the changes, Frasers of Arran kept stocking their gear, entering the on-line world. Here is wool of the type I love. I don't mind the girl either!

Fashion across New England is actually quite varied, for fashion reflects climate and life style, and that varies widely across New England. This shouldn't surprise. After all, New England is a fair bit larger than, say, Greece.

We don't sell our varying New England life styles at all well. I know that I have said that before, but it remains true.

The thing is that the on-line revolution provides an opportunity for people like us to present our special features, to build on what we have. I find that exciting. 

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Jonathan said...

Frasers of Arran is pure luxury to feel and wear. It is light to pack, heavenly to handle, suits any season.