Saturday, August 06, 2011

Investigating the history of theatre in New England

The discussion on Wednesday Forum: preserving New England's heritage led me to post History of theatre in New England - update 1 on my history blog. If you visit, you will see how fragmentary my previous posts have been.

This is just another area where present trends in historical research don't give us the information we need to better understand our own area. I suppose the assumption is that it's not important! Maybe it isn't, but it is important to us.

I will do some digging away on my own account, but does anybody know of historical studies that I should follow up? 


This postscript is addressed to my Newcastle readers in particular, but everybody can chime in. 

Have a look at Jude's comments on History of theatre in New England - update 1. Isn't that a wonderful  response? What can you add?

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