Monday, August 08, 2011

Bob Neville & Tingha Community Regeneration win new award

Tingha Bob Neville building Inclusive Communities Award

Congratulations to Bob Neville for winning the individual section of the NSW Building Inclusive Communities Award.

The photo shows left to right – State Premier Hon Barry O’Farrell, Bob Neville Tingha Regeneration Inc, Diane Torrens Chairperson Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress and Mr Tim Torrens.

The prize was awarded for his leadership of the Tingha Regeneration Program which is not only designed to rebuild the community, it also seeks to provide a model for many struggling communities throughout Australia.

My congratulations to Bob and those who have worked with him.

It seemed an appropriate time for me to pull together a few of the past posts I have written about Tingha:

Actually, there are fewer there than I thought!. Still, if you look just at this list, you can see that I have been following Bob' work for a little while.  


Le Loup said...
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Le Loup said...

Long time since I have been in Tinga, must take a drive out there again some time.

Jim Belshaw said...

Please do that Keith, and give me some feedback. Living in Sydney is frustrating because I just can't get to places!