Saturday, June 05, 2010

The life of David Henry Drummond 1890-1941

Given the growing interest in New England history and the New England New State Movement, I have decided to bring on line the biography I wrote of my grandfather, David Drummond. It covers his life up to the end of 1941 when the NSW Government of which he was part suffered electoral defeat.

The biography was written as a PhD thesis and needs some editing and updating to be suitable for print publication. However, I think that it's a reasonable read. More importantly, it provides a picture of the political events in which Drummond was involved, including the New State Movement. I have left the original introduction out. I will look at that later.

For length reasons, I am going to bring it up a chapter at a time, treating it as a serial: chapter one: Drummond's life chapter 1 - A troubled child: family life 1890-1907.   

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