Thursday, June 24, 2010

The ABC needs to learn geography

Listening to ABC radio, I heard that there had been a fatal road accident in North Western NSW. Then I found that it was near Ben Lomond on the New England Highway.

Get real, ABC. This growing tendency of yours to use the term North West for New England Tablelands' news is very annoying and  geographically incorrect. Western NSW does not begin at the escarpment.

If we are going to apply your geographic measure, then we have to start saying things like a road accident in the South Western towns of Goulburn, or Queanabeyan or Cooma. The ACT itself was incised from Western NSW.

It's all very silly.    


Mark said...

Yes I agree, there's nothing north-west about New England. This has irked me for years.

Jim Belshaw said...

ABC New England North West follows me on Twitter. Maybe they will get the message! If not, a campaign may be in order!

Greg said...

The north has become the Hunter, the Mid North Coast, the Far North Coast, the Nthn Tablelands, the NW slopes etc. Those labels have become so embedded that the concept of a greater northern identity has become vague and tenuous. That will be no small challenge to overcome.

Chris said...

Your indignation about misuse of the term North West would be more effective if you didn't incorrectly label Goulburn as South West. Goulburn is in the South East, or Southern Tablelands - either is correct, South West isn't.

Jim Belshaw said...

Chris, you missed my point. Or, perhaps, you made it in another way.

Of course Goulburn is either south east or southern tablelands. My point was that if the ABC was to apply the same approach here, then Goulburn would be south west or even west. And that would be a nonsense.

Mind you, if you look at the administrative structures adopted by the NSW Government, increasingly everything west of the escarpment is now classified as west!