Saturday, January 23, 2010

Student offers out at New England's universities

University offers from New England universities came out during the week. You can find a full list of the UAI cut offs here. I don't have on-line access to the full list. These offers are on top of previous early admission offers.

Down in Newcastle, the Newcastle Herald reports that University of Newcastle has offered more places for undergraduates in 2010, although the extra spots have pushed down entrance scores across the board. At the release of the main round of university offers yesterday, about two-thirds of entrance scores had gone down by between 0.15 and 11.05 points. This was largely due to an extra 630 main-round offers made by the university in what was the first year of the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

In all, the University of Newcastle made 7712 main round offers, one of its largest offers to date. It included 1369 places in teaching degrees, 630 nursing places and more than 500 spots in engineering.

Moving north, I know that the University of New England has also increased its offers but, to my frustration, I have been unable to find the story giving details. That will teach me not to bookmark!

Moving east, the Northern Star reports that Southern Cross University is offering another 1,000 places in this round.

This year's student intake takes place against a background of fundamental change in the funding of Australia's universities that has led many to expand student offers in advance of funding. How New England's Universities will respond to this is a key issue for the future of higher education within New England.

The University of Newcastle has already indicated its intent to grow to a mega 40,000 strong student institution by 2020. Watch this space!      

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