Friday, May 22, 2009

More on Bud Tingwell

In Bud Tingwell's New England connection I said that Captain Thunderbolt was made in 1953. I found an interview with Bud where he said that it was in fact made in 1951. He said:

The other real pioneers were Colin Scrimgeor and Cecil Holmes, they got together to make a film called Captain Thunderbolt which Grant Taylor and I did in 1951, just after we finished Kangaroo. That was a year before Grace did it, and technically they claimed they were making a television film, but it was good enough to release as a feature film in the cinemas. So that, I suppose, was the first proper attempt at elevision, although it got sidetracked into the cinema.
The whole interview is worth reading because of the insights it provides into the history of Australian film and TV production.

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