Monday, May 04, 2009

Bogged down in history

Just at the moment my research and writing focus remains solidly focused on history. I am trying to consolidate some thoughts on the Chinese in New England.

On a more current matter, I seStream into Styx River Gordon Smithe that Gordon Smith has bravely attempted the Big Hill, the most direct road from Armidale to Kempsey. Brave chap!

This photo shows a little stream that finally flows into the Styx River.

In the background at the back you can see the main road. Main road? Yes, I fear that it is. If you want to go from Armidale to Kempsey and the Macleay River Valley, then this is still the direct route.

This is just part of the world that I am trying to bring alive in my writing. New England, the North, the Northern Districts, call it what you will, has an area of over 194,000 square kilometres. England is just 130,000. This is a huge area to write about at local level because you have to show the linkages, commonalities and differences.

To write about Newcastle, for example, you have to know the history of mining and manufacturing in Australia. I don't yet, although I know the broad patterns. Now I have to translate this into local understanding. I actually know Newcastle quite well, but I don't know the detail I need.


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