Sunday, February 08, 2009

Round the New England Blogging Traps - 4

This post will actually come up a little after its formal publication date. I started it, but then got side-tracked. 

In my post Can we form a New England history group? wondered about the possibility of forming a group focused on the understanding and promotion of history in the broader New England. This post was triggered in part by  LIVING IN THE NORTH, a post by Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite.

I have really been enjoying Lynne's blog. I discovered it through Neil's Google Reader series. In my own little blogging world, Neil is something of a leader. We may not agree with Neil on particular issues, but his innovative approach to blogging as a form of expression influences us all.

Returning to Lynne, her recounting of the experience of Peter Knox struck a real cord. If we cannot count on New England's universities to help record our history and experience, then who can we count on? I think that we have to do it ourselves.

Over on Jock's blog, Jock Laurie as President of the NSW Farmers' Association continues to present a country viewpoint. The blog is worth reading.

 NEWCASTLE AU. CITY PHOTOS PLUS HUNTER VALLEY AND BEYONDNewcastle garden is running a series of photos on gardens around Newcastle.

Still in Newcastle, Newcastle Green's councillor Michael Osbourne is protesting about the proposals to cut the rail link into central Newcastle.

I am not in a position to comment on all the detail. I can only say as as non-Green outsider that I think that the move would probably be a serious error.

I am short of time, so will finish here. But first a plea.

If you live in the areas I call New England - Hunter Valley to the Queensland border - and want your bog to be included in this weekly review, please let me know!       

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