Saturday, February 09, 2008

New England's history - Anaiwan or Nganyaywana Aboriginal peoples entry page

Short post to say that over at the New England's history blog I have established a page to provide an entry point to posts about the Anaiwan or Nganyaywana Aboriginal peoples who occupied the southern and central areas of the New England Tablelands.

As with other entry pages, I hope that with time this will grow as a resource to help those interested find material about the Anaiwan.


Gordon Whitehead said...

Great blog...but how about starting a wiki on the History of New England?

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Gordon and thanks. That's a very interesting suggestion. So far I have not attempted this in part because of my own lack of knowledge.

I think that there is enough content now to provide a start. If it is to work, then it has to attract content from others. So there is an initial design and management issue. Perhaps one way is simply to create stubs.

I also do not know enough about hosting issues, especially the range of free hosts.

Any suggestions gratefully received!