Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's greetings to all the New England diaspora

I still have some part completed posts to bring up, but it is now Christmas eve. If I wait until all the back posts are complete it will be past Christmas. So I will run this post now and bring the others up over the break.

This blog began back in April 2006. Since then I have written some 224 posts on New England issues. I hope that I have played a small part in raising awareness on New England issues and in helping to keep the million or so - no one knows exactly how many there are - New England expats in touch with home.

I am looking forward to 2008. My feeling is that the blog is finally starting to play a useful role.

I wish all New Englanders everywhere the best for Christmas and the new year. May 2008 be a great year for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jim, I found your blogs when browsing google images for 'Dorrigo' - the place of my birth in 1945. I won't clutter up your blog with details, but I've written some memory stories on my web site at which might be of interest
Regards, Lynda Cracknell (nee Stevens)

LyndaC said...

Oops, that address had a typo or got truncated. It's

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Linda, feel free to clutter at any time. I have bookmarked your page.

For some reason, the AOL pages on your Dorrigo family did not come up. I would be interested to look at these.

Subject to your agreement, I would like to use some of your memory stories to flesh out Dorrigo.I am always looking for content to tell different elements of the New England story.

LyndaC said...

Thanks Jim. Is there an email where i can contact you direct? Mine is
I'd forgotten that some of the pages were created way back using aol software. After switching ISPs they must have been zapped. I've got copies which I could send to an email if you want, otherwise wait and I'll rebuild them in due course direct to geocities.
I'm not expert at web stuff and most of my site was built by trial and error about 7 years ago.